REWS – Feed-In Tariff – PV Capping Status

REWS (Regulator for Energy & Water Services)

Feed-In Tariff – PV Capping Status

In the PV Capping Status one will find the active FiT Schemes, rates, expiry date of the related FiT Scheme, overall capping capacity, allocation uptake and status of the individual application.

PV Capping Status July 2017 to Jun-Dec 2018 FiT Scheme as at 9th May 2018

The Regulator has also changed its requirements with respect to clearances by the Planning Authority regarding photovoltaic installations.

Irrespective of the capacity being applied for, the applicant has to declare that :

Either (i) has planning permission issued by the Planning Authority and in such case provides a copy & approved drawings of such permit;

or (ii) has a confirmation from the Planning Authority that the proposal does not require planning permission, and in such case provides a copy of such confirmation & related drawings ;

or (iii) in case of non of the above and no documentation from Planning Authority is being provided, the applicant is confirming that the PV installation is in compliance with the Development Notification Order, 2016 and the Planning Authority’s procedures and guidelines including “Development Control Policy and Design Guidance and Standards 2015” and/or any later updates;

Only latest versions of applications, refer to the website at , having these declarations will be accepted.


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