Terzo Conto Energia (D.M. 6/08/2010)

Ministerial Decree 6/8/2010 (Third Energy Account), published in the Official Journal of 24/08/2010, was issued to give continuity to the incentive mechanism in the Energy Account for photovoltaic plants already started with the decrees of 28/07 / 2005, 06/02/2006 (First Energy Account) and 19/02/2007 (Second Energy Account). All the plants that come into operation after 12/31/2010 may take advantage of the incentives defined in the provision following new construction works, total renovation or upgrading, belonging to four specific categories:

– photovoltaic systems (“on buildings” or “other plants”);
– integrated photovoltaic systems with innovative features;
– concentrating photovoltaic systems;
– photovoltaic systems with technological innovation.

For each category an incentivable power limit has been defined:

– 3000 MW for photovoltaic systems;
– 300 MW for integrated photovoltaic systems architecturally with innovative features;
– 200 MW for concentrated photovoltaic systems.

The incentives for the production of electricity from photovoltaic systems are valid from the date of entry into operation for a period of 20 years, the tariff is constant in current currency for the entire incentive period.