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Rooftop installations

Photovoltaics is an ideal and correct choice from all points of view:
  • allows you to take advantage of unused surfaces such as covers;
  • it allows to drastically reduce the cost of the electric bill;
  • it is an instrumental asset for which the purchase cost is deductible;
  • it is a concrete sign of one’s commitment through which one can communicate an image of social responsibility;
  • it is entirely financeable and the installments are balanced with the positive flows that the plant is able to produce.





Depending on whether the roof is a flat or sloped surface and depending on the orientation of the building, the system solution adopted usually refers to one of the following types.












As far as thin film technology is concerned, the applications can be similar to those in crystalline silicon (modules applied on metal structures in a coplanar way to the surface or with an inclination of about 20 ° – 30 ° to the pitch) or integrated solutions that they use flexible panels glued on metal covering profiles.

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